Climate Types

Find out your Climate Type

Welcome to the Climate Type Test! This test is designed to help you discover your climate type and identify the actions you can take to make a positive impact on the environment. Your climate type indicates what you can best do for climate change and what is best to leave to others. So, let's take the test and discover your climate type!

Let's start


validate if you agree with the sentence. 1 means that you don’t agree, 5 fully agree

I would like to join community garden

I would like to take part in a demonstration about global warming

I would like to join a scientific debate

I like to be in the center of attention when I talk about climate

I prefer to take public transportation than a zero-footprint car

I prefer to join a beach cleanup then call my local representative on policy changes

I prefer to join a silent climate protest then a normal one

I prefer to talk in private to a friend about climate change then to start a group debate

I prefer to donate to saving polar bears then join my community for tree planting

Most of my climate actions are online

I would stop purchase clothing if it came from unfair working conditions

I wear second hand fashion because it is good for climate

I am interested about new technologies which can help with climate crisis

I would be annoyed if I saw someone littering in nature

I would donate to the flooding destruction occurring in Pakistan

I prefer to invest into new climate saving technology's then to use less energy in my house

I don't believe in scientific solutions for the climate crisis

I prefer to eat less meat then trying to eat more meat-based alternatives

I prefer taking short showers everyday then donating to building a water system in Africa

I don't see the urgency of the climate crisis on a global perspective


You are: